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While I don't believe any of the Fitbits as a stand alone device are
accessible, the iOS app is completely accessible. The app is where you'd go
to check your data anyway. I have a Fitbit flex, but I really only use it
for the vibrating alarm feature. I use it as my silent alarm instead of my
iPhone in the morning so as to not wake up my wife since I’m the early bird
where she on the otherhand hates mornings with the intencity of a thousand
burning suns.
I couldnt' speak as the the accessibility of the Android app or if there's a
Windows version or other means to synchronize with the PC


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Good morning

My name is Kathy and I am new to the less a question I have is there any
totally blind person set use the fit bit flex I am looking for a device
that I can wear that will count my steps besides an Apple Watch. Any
suggestions or help would be appreciated

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