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Ron Canazzi

Hi James,

On the same page you reference, you will see a talking indoor/outdoor thermometer. You must click the 'tell me more' link to get the details.

On 1/8/2020 1:20 AM, James Bentley wrote:

Hello Merv,


Future Aids/The Braille Super Store  has a $20, talking cube clock.  It is heavy duty with a loud female voice that doesn’t sound like a stupid robot from the sixties.


It announces time, indoor temperature and humidity.


It also has a 90 minute timer that goes to one hour in ten minute increments.  The last increment adds 30 minutes to go up to 90 minutes.


It runs on 4 triple A batteries not included.


Mine came free matter for the blind in about one week with no shipping charge.


I bought 3 of these around 6 years ago.  They all work fine.  One was dropped on a hard tile floor and still works.


I know that you may just want a stand alone talking indoor thermometer but, Here is a linkjust in case you want to take a look


You can order on line or give them a call at:





James B,


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There doesn’t seem to be much call these days for an indoor thermometer. Once upon a time I had talking indoor/outdoor thermometers. However they have long since worn out and have been disposed of with extreme happiness. I use my Echo when I want the outdoor temperature. It might not be to the exact degree but it is close enough for me.

However, I am unable to find something that will give me just an indoor temperature. The apartment where I live is not one in which I can install a talking Thermostat. And there is literally an 8 or 10 degree difference tween the North side of the apartment and the South side of the apartment 365 day of the year.

Today I asked AIRA to help me adjust the central heat which is located in the living room and it took me about a half an hour and several calls because even with the glasses and kit, the thermostat is so small and low contrast the Agents could not read the numbers and one was unable to help me saying she could not see it at all. even with Zoom on my iPhone.

I have been searching for quite a while for something that just does indoor temperature and nothing else. Because I can’t open my windows in the apartment to run wires or anything and don’t want to buy something more than I need. So any help locating just a Talking Indoor thermometer would be much appreciated.




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