Re: putting my Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboardin pairing mode

Mike B

Hi Troy,
The On / Off switch is on the left side edge towards the back of the keyboard.  Push this switch away from you to turn the keyboard on.
Now go to the bluetooth settings on your device and locate / select the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K380 when it appears in the list of available Bluetooth devices.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the pairing. Upon pairing, the status LED on the keyboard stops blinking and remains steady for 10 seconds, if you have enough vision to see this.
After you get the phone paired to the 1st device, the next time you turn the keyboard on press the, F1 key, to pair to the 1st device.  If you pair a 2nd device press the, F2 key, & for the 3rd device press the, F3 key.  Here's an example;  The 1st device I paired to the K380 was my iPhone and the 2nd device I paired was my wife's iPhone, so if I want to use the K380 with my iPhone, I turn on the keyboard and press the, F1 key, if I want to use the keyboard with my wife's iPhone I press the, F2 key, after turning on the keyboard.  I've never used the keyboard with more than 1 device at a time, so I'm not 100% sure how to switch between multiple devices.

Take care.  Mike.  Sennt from my iBarstool.

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Hi all,

Is it the extreme top row of keys on the K380 keyboard that's used for
pairing devices, and how long do I need to hold down the key to put the
device in pairing mode?



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