Re: reading a Microsoft excel sheet letter by letter

Troy Burnham

It took me a couple of tries yesterday but eventually hitting f2 and then the home key and using my arrow keys worked.

Yes I am using jaws, I have NVDA installed and I keep saying I'm going to start using it but I haven't yet.


On 1/10/2020 10:33 AM, Gene wrote:
I think Troy is using JAWS.  While I don't use Excel, I would think it likely that another way would be to route the JAWS cursor to the pc cursor and read the information that way.  There have already been other options discussed and it may somewhat be a matter of preference, but using the JAWS cursor hasn't been discussed yet.
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Hi all,

Troy, have you tried insert-up-arrow pressed twice quickly?  Don't know
what else to say except the best way to do this is via braille.

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