A problem with an SD card in a VR Trek

Kay Malmquist

I added a couple of .docx to the text files folder of a card that I have been using for quite some time.  Now when I try to put it in my VRTrek,I get a media 3 error.  So I tried another card and all is fine with that.  So, I decided to put it back in to my computer and the disc name does not come up on the list of drives.  It just says the drive name.  When I press enter on it, I am asked if I want to reformat?  Ok, if it is corrupted is their any way to salvage what is on there?  I have a ton of notes that I really need for classes and things like that.  I have a san disc utility but I don't think that does any salvage functions.  any thoughts?  I have at least 30 GB of books and other things.  Please if you have any ideas, let me know.
Kay Malmquist
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