UPS my choice help needed

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

I signed up for UPS my choice but when I log in I don't see anywhere to make changes. There's an area for driver instructions but when I clicked there nothing opened up where I could put any instructions, so I had my sighted mom look and she even found an area where it said that I could receive a text around the time my package is delivered but she said there was no way to enter my phone number there. Nor by the way did she see any way to change the amount of time ahead of time that a text would be sent, all that seemed to be available was one hour but from what she read to me it sounded like that could be changed.

I'm expecting a package to be delivered this Tuesday, and I think I mentioned earlier in the week that the UPS drivers usually will just drop packages inside my gate and I don't know they're there, so I called UPS earlier this week and ask them to add a note to have the driver knock on the door, but they said they couldn't do that and they told me to sign up for the my choice. If anybody can help me with where to go to either give the driver special instructions, or how to set it up so I receive a text shortly before the package is delivered so I know to expect it I'd appreciate it.



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