windows 7 in general.

Penny Golden

Well, I just re-joined the list after a hiatus.  I'm sure Win7 and win10 have been going around and around.

I spoke to someone whom I trust. He is still using his xp and likes it very much.

I explained that I thought that I had to go to win10.

His reply, in short, was this:

If you keep your paied virus up, and you like what win7 is doing, and you don't have to change for work or some other reason, there is no need to change.

Well, that is fine.

I understand that the virus programs are not tremendously accessible.

My computer gent, i think, believes that  I should do well with Microsoft Security Essentials.

I may be wrong about this that he thinks is okay.

He's coming at 1 pm Saturday, should weather allow. Thank you.  I do not use jaws, but win eyes; and I'm hoping to put on NVDA and learn that.  I am also thinking about a laptop and have begun the process with computers for the blind.

Thanks for any help.  try not to be too technical; i'm a user, not a  technical expert.


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