Re: windows 7 in general.

David Moore

My first laptop in 2005 was awesome!

Since then, I have owned four laptops, and two of them do not have a numpad!

You really get used to using the laptop commands built into screen readers!

You do not have to keep moving your hand back and forth!

I really like my Asus laptop a lot!

I have not had one bit of problems on this for 5 and a half years, and I have installed every build of Windows 10 on it since August of 2015!

This is like a time X LOL!

It has taken a licking, and keeps on ticking!

I really like my HP laptop as well!

It has a SSD drive, and is so fast!

The Asus has a hard drive, and I can really tell the difference!

Eight Gig of ram has been plenty for my flying and everything!

Have a great one!

David Moore


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I would love to have a laptop computer.  I am going to learn how

to use the Dell computer desktop in work skills classes.  Does

Computers for the Blind still sell computers for $100? If I could

get a laptop for $100, I would then use one of my braille

notetakers as a braille terminal.  Or I could learn Nvda.


Jan h




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