win7 security software?

goshawk on horseback

hello all,
as certainly for the foreseeable, I plan to continue using win7, now that no more security updates will be forthcoming, I think I need to find some other security software to keep my machine hopefully protected from hacking, viruses, spy and malware, etc.
such software would need to be fully accessible, preferably with window-eyes, or if not, definitely with NVDA.
if possible it also shouldn't get in the way of the programs I already use which access the internet for what ever reason.
any ideas please?
as previously I have relied on MS security essentials and windows security updates, so haven't really had to think about this before.
I am not bothered if the software is free or paid, the major priorities here, are that it does the job, does it well, is accessible, and hopefully continues to do the job well and accessibly.

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