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Ron Canazzi

Hi Troy,

I use Door Dash.  The service is very good although the mark up is quite significant.  You do the ordering through the app itself or if you like from the website itself. The Door Dash website is quite accessible.

Some restaurants use just one of these services and others use more than one.  The delivery fee and the dasher tip (driver tip for other apps) is indeed separate.  This can result in a large mark up--somewhere around 15 or 20 percent in some cases.

With Door Dash, they have a dash pass feature where you pay $9.99 monthly and for those restaurants that accept it the delivery fee is waved.  That's the problem.  In my area only about 20% of the restaurants accept the dash pass feature.

If it is a cold or stormy day and you can't get out to fetch the food yourself and if one of your favorite restaurants does not deliver, then the service is worth it. My experience is only with Door Dash.  I downloaded and installed Grub Hub, but when I looked at the comments on their page, most of them were negative and I have been reluctant to order anything with Grub Hub app.  Both the Door Dash and Grub Hub apps are very accessible.

For all of the food delivery apps, you have to register through the app or the website and this includes linking your account to a payment method: debit card, credit card or whatever.

On 1/18/2020 7:46 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

I have waiter, grub hub, favor, and door dash all on my phone and they all seem accessible but I wonder if anybody has used any of these and can comment on how they work?

I've never used any of these myself but in just opening them and looking at them I see that favor shows the delivery fee for each restaurant, do the rest of them do the same thing? It appears that I have to register on the other 3 apps I mentioned besides favor and I haven't done that yet.

Is a tip expected over and above the delivery fee or is the delivery fee considered the tip? Do some restaurants use more than one delivery service or do they all just use one and there's no choice? Oh, and do I call the restaurant to make the order and then tell them I want it delivered or do I make the order through the app in some way?

Anything anybody can tell me will be greatly appreciated.


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