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Kay Malmquist

Please understand that this is an old message but here is the info that I found.  I have a couple DecTalk Expresses around here and I use them every day.  The message follows.

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Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003 11:17 PM
Subject: [boughtandsoldbytheblind] DecTalk Express Cable and Connector

Last February I did some research into locating such things as the cables,
connector, and battery pack for the DecTalk Express.  I had real good luck
on the cables, but the battery pack has turned difficult at best.  First the
good news and I am copying a couple of folks who requested this specific
Cable supplier:
The primary cable for the DTE is generically called an MMJ to MMJ, but
carries a DEC part number BC16E.  The part is usually ordered as a BC16E-10,
-25, or - whatever, where the "-XX" indicates the length in feet. Stonewall
Cable uses a part number is SC-7021 and then you tell them how many feet you
want it to be.  I chose to get a 10 foot.  The pricing is $5.50 plus 20
cents per foot, ergo a 10 foot cable was $7.50. Next we have that funky
little connecter that you can't buy at Radio Shack. Generically this is
called an MMJ to DB-9F.  The DEC part number is  DEC H8571-J and the
Stonewall Cable part number is SC-9444-J.  The price on this piece is
$12.95. Shipping is whatever you want, but I like and they will provide USPS
Priority Mail at the reasonable rate of $7.85 (this was last Feb.).

I was going to order up a batch of cables and connectors, but when no one
found an immediate need last Feb. I dropped the idea.  It's probably just as
well that each person handle there own.  Stonewall takes credit cards and
their phone number is toll free 800-525-3303.  I loved there internet order
form, but I also have the benefit of a couple of eyes.

If I come up with a reasonable solution to the battery problem I will send
it out.  $115.00 plus shipping for the battery pack is outrageous.  By the
way, your savings by using Stonewall will be about $44, where authorized
DecTalk suppliers are quoting $50 for the adapter and $14 for the cable.

Mike "Mr. Frugal" Osborn

Kay Malmquist
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Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2020 9:52 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Dectalk cable, what is the phone jack end called

Good morning Kay and Wayne.  Kay, if you figure out what that jack was called I would be grateful because there is a company here in the Inland Northwest that I think can manufacture a cable for me that would do the trick.  Wayne, if you find that old cable, I have 10 bucks that is burning a hole in my pocket.


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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Dectalk cable, what is the phone jack end called


Years ago when I use to have the tech talk external  I purchased a cable for it that's much longer than the one that comes with it. I have to go through my mass of cables, since I think I have it. If I find it I'll let you know, and sell it to you for $10. This cable is new. if you have any questions just ask.





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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Dectalk cable, what is the phone jack end called


Thanks Monte.  That’s a shame.  I should probably check with my old friends who I know to have drawers full of old cables and electronic relics from the 1980s


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As I recall, it was a proprietary cable; the rj45 type end was not standard, it has a sort of offset to it.

Good luck.


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Sent: January-19-20 8:52 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] Dectalk cable, what is the phone jack end called


One of my buddies is sending me a Dectalk external to have some fun with, but it has no cables.  I seem to remember that the cable that connects it to the serial port on the PC has a 9 pin female on one end, and a phone jack kind of RJ45 looking plug for the Dectalk.  I know that the Dectalk end was smaller than the RJ45, but bigger than a phone jack.  I’m trying to find a cable to hook up the Dectalk.  What is the name of the end that fits the Dectalk?  RJ11 or RJ12 maybe?  Thanks.

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