Re: Amazon Parcel Tracking

Gerald Levy

Are you sure this is the order number and not the tracking number?  Check again.  Once you locate the tracking number for your order, enter it into the Google search field, and you should get the tracking history page for the carrier that Amazon used to ship your order in the search results. If not, call their customer service at 866-216-1072, and give them your order number, and they should be able to give you the tracking number, carrier and expected delivery date.


On 1/20/2020 6:23 AM, Fanus wrote:
Hello List
Sorry, I think this is too much off topic but I hope someone can help. My
Amazon order tracking on their site just says "shipped, out for delivery".
Is there a way to get more particulars, like what happens every day. The
order number starts with B and ends with M so I do not know which service
Amazon uses.

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