microphone help needed on the out of sight chat site

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

I have a USB microphone that I purchased from Best Buy a while back. When I go onto out of sight I immediately go into preferences to the sound system tab and make sure the correct microphone is chosen, I choose the only USB microphone in the list, but when I okay the changes and then go into the sound check room, when I hit my control key to open the mike I hear the key up sound but after I say something and let go I never hear my voice coming back to me. How might I go about trouble-shooting this problem?

Thanks. I usually use my iPhone on the site and I never have any problems, but I prefer to play the games on the site on my computer so I'd really like to get this working. Oh and I do know to hit ctrl-4 in the sound check room before trying to talk and then hit it again before leaving the room.


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