Your experiences with Humanware product repair

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

Hello everyone.  I finally got the BrailleNote Apex and it has a Kernel Load Failed error, hence, probably needing a trip to Humanware.  I understand that they charge 140 dollars an hour for service, on top of a 95 dollar benching fee.  For those of you who have needed service on your Humanware products, do you feel that they treated you fairly, or that they ran up a tab on you?  Maybe the modern incarnation of Humanware is more ethical, but I saw an old BrailleNote a few years back that needed a new battery.  I believe that Humanware quoted a sum in the range of 200 dollars for this battery.  I opened the unit because we had given it up for dead, and the battery consisted of 6 AA batteries wrapped in a plastic sheaf with 3 wires soldered on to the end of it.  We took pictures.  Anyhow, do they treat people more or less fairly, or do you feel that they try to fleece us?

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