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Veronica Kirk

Even though I have a windows 10 computer, I am still using my windows 7 laptop. Last night I used Microsoft Essentials to scan the computer for viruses, and it worked fine. All of my main programs are on the windows 7 such as Microsoft Word 2013, which I do not have on the windows 10.


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Thank you all for comments. I'm doing just as you say. I use Thunderbird. and i just put chrome on there. I use firefox, rarely I e.

But I never purchase anything using the computer; i have done so with my Echo; or my sis does it for me using my info.

I hope it will be all right. I just purchased a 500 gig solid state drive; and a 4 tb drive for the inside of the computer.

My current 1 terabyte drive is dated November of 2011.

Why, this dear old machine is older than I thought.

By the way, I just did get in touch with computers for the blind, and the laptop price was 185 dollars.

They cannot guarantee their batteries. of course, they're used machines. They come with win 10 and that demo of Jaws. Window Eyes also has one of those demos, or used to. I'm so stubborn that I cannot learn Jaws and love my dear old win eyes, which my sighted techie calls

Windows Eyes.

Thanks again.

So far I'm on the right track. It's when I run into trouble, I'll be back here begging you experts for your further help.

All the very best,


The old lady schoolmarm from Eastern Nebraska.

On 1/18/2020 6:12 AM, Gerald Levy via Groups.Io wrote:

Your techie is giving you sound advice. Microsoft Security Essentials
will continue to work in Windows 7 for the foreseeable future.
Database definitions continue to be updated daily, just as they always
have, and daily scans are still performed at the selected time. If
you want to continue using Windows 7 until you are ready to upgrade to
Windows 10,, be sure to use a modern browser like Google Chrome or
Mozilla Firefox to browse the web instead of IE, and use a
non-Microsoft email client like Thunderbird to maximize security.
Also, perform periodic scans with Malware Bytes, which still works
with Windows 7. Contrary to what scare mongerers like Kim Kommando
might claim, there are still good reasons to continue using Windows 7
because of all the problems users on this and other lists have
reported with Windows 10. Some users have reported updating their
Windows 7 computers successfully to Windows 10 usig the Media Creation
Tool or Update Assistant, while others have reported problems withthe
upgrade, including complete loss of sound after Windows 10 was
installed, requiring tech-savvy sighted help to resolve. The latest
buzz is over the newest version of the Chromium Edge browser for
Windows 10, which is apparently beset by all kinds of bugs and
accessibility problems, judging from the heavy traffic on the various
blindness-related tech email lists.


On 1/17/2020 10:25 PM, Penny Golden wrote:
Well, I just re-joined the list after a hiatus. I'm sure Win7 and
win10 have been going around and around.

I spoke to someone whom I trust. He is still using his xp and likes
it very much.

I explained that I thought that I had to go to win10.

His reply, in short, was this:

If you keep your paied virus up, and you like what win7 is doing, and
you don't have to change for work or some other reason, there is no
need to change.

Well, that is fine.

I understand that the virus programs are not tremendously accessible.

My computer gent, i think, believes that I should do well with
Microsoft Security Essentials.

I may be wrong about this that he thinks is okay.

He's coming at 1 pm Saturday, should weather allow. Thank you. I do
not use jaws, but win eyes; and I'm hoping to put on NVDA and learn
that. I am also thinking about a laptop and have begun the process
with computers for the blind.

Thanks for any help. try not to be too technical; i'm a user, not a
technical expert.


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