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chris judge

It might not be square either. I have one at home that has a connecter that goes in to the hub that is flat, similar to the connecters found on the cables for some portable external hard drives. Look for either a square port on the hub, or a flat, elongated slot.

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Hi Troy,
Are the connectors on the USB cable the same?
Typically a device USB cable has a flat connector on one end,which goes into a USB port on a computer, and a square connector on the other end that goes into the device.
The USB port on the hub for this square connector may not be apparent at first look, but typically is next to the power connector.


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Hi all,

I bought a powered USB hub but I can't figure out how to connect it to
my computer. I have an extra cord that has a USB plug on one end that I
assume plugs into the computer but there's no place on the hub for the
other end to plug into since the only nonUSB slot is where the power
cord is plugged. Can anybody help? Btw the brand is Sabrent if that
matters, and there are 10 USB ports 3 of which are quick charge ports if
that matters.



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