Re: timer repeat.

Penny Golden

Interval notice is tremendous. thank you. i didn't know about that one. it works like a charm.

On 1/24/2020 6:51 PM, Onwardbob wrote:
Thanks neat tricik


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There is a skill called Interval Notice that will sort of do that. Tell her Highness, Alexa enable interval notice. Then, you can say something like, Alexa tell interval notice to set a 2 minute interval 5 times. Every 2 minutes on mine, she said "Time." You can read about it here.

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Try this.

Tell her lady-ship: set a timer for fifteen seconds.

This is just for trial purposes, you understand.

When it goes off you can say: ay lady, repeat the timer.

That way you eliminate the command: stop the timer, at least.

I wish we could have her announce the time every 5 minutes, let us say; so that we could keep on track as we're getting out in the morning.



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