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To answer the questions on add-on compatibility situation:

  1. Speech synthesizers: more vendors are coming onboard with Python 3 version, so hopefully more should be ready by the time NVDA 2019.3 is released.
  2. Early release of 2019.3 only add-ons: I think you might be talking about my add-ons, and if so, it was a necessary procedure due to scheduling reasons- I scheduled 20.01 releases for various add-ons, most of them compatible with NVDA 2019.3 or later due to vast differences between old and new releases. Originally I planned to release all of them in early January, but I delayed releasing some of them due to user experience concerns as you pointed out. I did say to the NVDA users community that folks can ignore 20.01 releases for now until NVDA 2019.3 is released, and for this reason, I am delaying February 2020 releases of various add-ons from my lab until at least 2019.3 release candidate is released.

The NVDA community is keeping a very close eye on compatibility between upcoming NVDA 2019.3 and many add-ons, and folks are keeping contact with add-on writers about add-on compatibility.

As for comparison with JAWS 2020, I’ll let other folks answer this one.




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Subject: [TechTalk] JAWS Versus NVDA


I've been using NVDA for a couple of years, but I'm wondering if it's time for a switch. Lately, the software update process has been driving me up the wall. Apparently, the latest version, due out soon, will not be compatible with some of the software's add-ons, including the text-to-speech voices I use. This is no big deal because there are other voices that will work. But I've purchased some I really like that may not work with the new version of NVDA, at least not right away.


Another annoyance NVDA users are experiencing is add-on updates that are only compatible with the new version of NVDA, which isn't out yet. To me, it would make more sense to wait until the new version is released before releasing the add-on updates. But what do I know? I'm not a software developer.


I realize that NVDA is free, and I'm getting what I pay for. I recently read that Jaws costs only $90.00 a year for a subscription, which includes several licenses. So, I'm wondering if it's worth that much.


Those of you who use Jaws, what are the pros and cons? If you've used NVDA and are now using Jaws, do you think it's better? Is there a demo I can try before I buy? Thanks in advance for any input, and happy computing. 


Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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