Re: outlook in office 365 not displaying in full screen


First, try minimizing everything with Windows key m.  Issue the command more than once if necessary to move to the desktop.  then alt tab back to the message window and see if it is now the right size.  Don't release alt until you are in the message window.  You want to keep everything else minimized.
If you have many windows opened and they aren't minimized, more than one window may be displaying on screen and you may be sharing screen space among programs.
I can present one or two more probable solutions in later messages if this suggestion doesn't work.

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Subject: [TechTalk] outlook in office 365 not displaying in full screen


For some odd reason, outlook is not showing my messages right across the width of the screen, I am getting very short lines, how can I change this please? I am using office 365 and windows 10 pro.


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