Re: blue tooth transmitters for stream?


For those wishing to get Bluetooth capability on players like the
Victor Stream, Bookport, etc, or those wishing to use Bluetooth with
your stereo, PC, etc, any device with a headphone or Line-in/Line-out
jack, you can get one of our below two transmitters/receivers, the
portable one or the Home version.

Portable Miccus Swivel Jack RTX Bluetooth transmitter/receiver for
just $49.99! Perfect for making your Victor Stream or any other device
with a headphone jack, able to connect to your Bluetooth headphones or
speaker! Connect it to your computer's USB port and have it come
through your Bluetooth headset or speaker! It can be paired to two
devices in both transmitter and receiver mode! The receiver side
speaks everything from power on through power off! It boasts a range
of 100 Feet and much more...

The latest Miccus Home RTX 2.0 can transmit up to 200 feet! It offers
true aptX Low Latency. You can pair it with two Bluetooth speakers or
headphones at the same time or with 2 Bluetooth transmitting devices
at once. It uses Bluetooth version 4.2. Available right now $5 off for
just $54.99!

With all our Bluetooth items you get instructions from a blind
perspective emailed to you directly!



On 1/27/20, Keith S <> wrote:
Does anyone have any info (models, brands) for blue tooth transmitters for
the stream?



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