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Quentin Christensen

Hi Abbie,

Others have fairly thoroughly answered most of your questions (if they haven't, please do comment again), but I wanted to pick up a couple of points:

- Compatibility with 2019.3: We are aware this is a bit of a bumpy release, and that's the reason why we never rushed it out.  As noted, you can ignore updates to add-ons which will be incompatible, and if you let us know which voices you use, I'm sure you can get an answer on their compatibility.  To my knowledge, all the main third party synthesizers have updated for NVDA 2019.3.  I am not sure if they're all available to download yet, but as you note, they won't be backward compatible so you won't want them until you download the beta / RC or the final 2019.3 when it comes out.

- "it's free and you get what you pay for".  I would definitely disagree with this, not least of which because all the concerns you have raised are about one specific update which should be finalised shortly.  If everyone switched operating systems because of one update that was a bit bumpy.... well lets just say Windows 10 probably wouldn't have the market share it does now :)

We have chosen to follow a revenue model which doesn't place the burden of cost all on the users.  I would argue that is completely separate from our software's quality assurance, which we believe is very high, (we are, of course, always open to feedback on where we can improve).

Feel free to try out other options and in the end use whichever product(s) work best for you.  I just want to emphasise that quality is not tied to price.

All the best


On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 9:44 AM Abbie Taylor <abbietaylor945@...> wrote:
I've been using NVDA for a couple of years, but I'm wondering if it's time for a switch. Lately, the software update process has been driving me up the wall. Apparently, the latest version, due out soon, will not be compatible with some of the software's add-ons, including the text-to-speech voices I use. This is no big deal because there are other voices that will work. But I've purchased some I really like that may not work with the new version of NVDA, at least not right away.
Another annoyance NVDA users are experiencing is add-on updates that are only compatible with the new version of NVDA, which isn't out yet. To me, it would make more sense to wait until the new version is released before releasing the add-on updates. But what do I know? I'm not a software developer.
I realize that NVDA is free, and I'm getting what I pay for. I recently read that Jaws costs only $90.00 a year for a subscription, which includes several licenses. So, I'm wondering if it's worth that much.
Those of you who use Jaws, what are the pros and cons? If you've used NVDA and are now using Jaws, do you think it's better? Is there a demo I can try before I buy? Thanks in advance for any input, and happy computing. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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