Re: the VIP thermostat

Troy Burnham

I actually bought my thermostat from before they went out of business, and I did tell the owner Harry Cohen that I had an electric system.


On 1/29/2020 11:27 AM, M.E.N. wrote:
   I have used a VIP thermostat both when I lived in Oregon and now here in Nevada and never had a problem even remotely like this.
I hope you know there are two types of thermostat, one for regular furnace/ac unit and another for heat pumps. I don't know if that might be your problem but just a suggestion.

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Hi all,

I bought a new VIP thermostat I think in late 2018, and I even had it
replaced a little later but both thermostats have done the same thing
and I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this. When the air
conditioner is being used everything seems to be okay, but with the heat
we may have the thermostat set on 75 degrees but when the unit comes on
when it gets below 75 it won't go back off until the thermostat
registers several degrees above 75. It usually doesn't feel as warm as
the thermostat claims but at times the unit stays on longer than it
seems like it would need to, and at other times we can turn the heat on
and 10 or 20 seconds later the thermostat clicks signifying the unit is
turning off. It has to be the thermostat causing this problem because we
just had the AC/heating unit changed last summer. Btw it's an electric
central system. Has anybody else experienced this behavior with the VIP?



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