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Hi Troy,
It sounds like your cycle / split rate needs to be looked at.  This controls when the AC or Heat starts & stops.  If your set thermostat temperature is 75º for the AC and the split rate is set at 4, then the AC will start when the room temperature is 2º above set temperature and shut off when the room temperature hits 2º below set temperature.
For heat, if the Thermostat is set at 75º and split rate is 4 the heat will come on at 2º below set temperature and shut off at 2º above set temperature.

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I had my thermostat installed by a guy who works at an air conditioner
installation company because I figured he'd know how to do it.

I forgot to mention in my original note that we also looked up the
jumper switch settings in the manual and made sure they were correct.


On 1/29/2020 11:41 AM, Peter Spitz wrote:
> I've had my VIP 3000 for over three years and haven't had any problems
> with it.  I wonder if yours was installed improperly?   I paid an
> electrician to install it and he had to rewire something to get it to
> work properly but it does work flawlessly after the professional
> installation.

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