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I don't know what list it was on but evidently, at least some of these computerized thermostats have a range you can set where the thermostat will make the furnace turn on if the temperature drops too low below its setting or, I suppose, for air conditioning if it goes too high up.  Perhaps the range needs adjusting.

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I actually bought my thermostat from before they
went out of business, and I did tell the owner Harry Cohen that I had an
electric system.


On 1/29/2020 11:27 AM, M.E.N. wrote:
>    I have used a VIP thermostat both when I lived in Oregon and now
> here in Nevada and never had a problem even remotely like this.
> I hope you know there are two types of thermostat, one for regular
> furnace/ac unit and another for heat pumps. I don't know if that might
> be your problem but just a suggestion.
> Marie
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> Hi all,
> I bought a new VIP thermostat I think in late 2018, and I even had it
> replaced a little later but both thermostats have done the same thing
> and I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this. When the air
> conditioner is being used everything seems to be okay, but with the heat
> we may have the thermostat set on 75 degrees but when the unit comes on
> when it gets below 75 it won't go back off until the thermostat
> registers several degrees above 75. It usually doesn't feel as warm as
> the thermostat claims but at times the unit stays on longer than it
> seems like it would need to, and at other times we can turn the heat on
> and 10 or 20 seconds later the thermostat clicks signifying the unit is
> turning off. It has to be the thermostat causing this problem because we
> just had the AC/heating unit changed last summer. Btw it's an electric
> central system. Has anybody else experienced this behavior with the VIP?
> Thanks.
> Troy

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