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James Bentley

Good evening Ann,

The problem goes way beyond recalubration of the thermostat which was one of many different things that was tried.

Ann, I was stuck with a 9 degree temperature range no matter what I set the thermostat at. Recalubrating the unit just changed the thermostats readings without altering the temperature range for cycleing the heat onn and off. For example, if I tried setting the thermostat at 65 like you suggested, then, I would spend a lot of time being too cold just to keep from being too hot.

I now have my old thermostat installed again. It is set at 74. The heat turns on at 73 and off at 76. This range of 3 degrees means that I am always just right. A 9 degrees range is just too far apart to not be to cold or too hot or, actually, cycleing in between both.

Of course I phoned the seller 2 times. Of course I consulted the owners manual. I also consulted with an experienced heating and cooling installer who by the way, said that he believed that my thermostat was defective.

Judgeing from all of the emails that I have seen on different list concerning these VIP 3000's, Some of these thermostats are just not working right while others are working fine. i have no way of knowing if some of these devices are defective or if some of us have units that are installed by inexperienced installers. My personal opinion of our current 2 maintenance men is that they are both extremely proficient at their jobs which probably means that my thermostat wasn't functioning right. I would love to have the convenience that the VIP 3000 offers if only it can keep the temperature range within 3 or so degrees.

Take care,

James B

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Hi all,

If you knew that the thermostat was nine degrees off, why didn't you
just set it for sixty-five and write to the company to see if there
was a way to recalibrate the thing? That's throwing out the baby with
the bath water. If there wasn't a way to recalibrate the thing, then
just set it for sixty-five and forget it! Having a talking thermostat
would seem to be more important than nine degrees of temperature.
<sigh> Maybe I have too much common sense? I have a tactile
thermostat here that was installed by RG&E ages ago. Mine runs a bit
low, so I set the thing higher and it makes the house the way I like it.

Ann P.

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I GOT A NEW VIP 3000 12 days ago for my electric heating and air. The
AC worked fine. The heat wouldn't shut off until the room temp reach 4
to 9 degrees above what it was set at. For example, if I set the heat
to 75, it would sometimes heat up to 84 before shutting down the heat.
I sent the piece of junk back. It’s a great idea if they get the bugs
out before they start selling the device to customers. Especially
since it cost $300 bucks.
James B

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Hi all,
I bought a new VIP thermostat I think in late 2018, and I even had it
replaced a little later but both thermostats have done the same thing
and I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this. When the air
conditioner is being used everything seems to be okay, but with the heat
we may have the thermostat set on 75 degrees but when the unit comes on
when it gets below 75 it won't go back off until the thermostat
registers several degrees above 75. It usually doesn't feel as warm as
the thermostat claims but at times the unit stays on longer than it
seems like it would need to, and at other times we can turn the heat on
and 10 or 20 seconds later the thermostat clicks signifying the unit is
turning off. It has to be the thermostat causing this problem because we
just had the AC/heating unit changed last summer. Btw it's an electric
central system. Has anybody else experienced this behavior with the VIP?

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