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<smiling> Vindicated! This is one of the reasons why one should try not to react to problems but to act by finding solutions. I'll bet that this setting, mentioned below, was improperly configured and it could have been fixed with a small bit of trouble. Calling the manufacturer would have been a way to obtain this information.

Sorry, but having experienced what happens when one reacts instead of acting, I can assure you that the second course pays much better dividens.

Ann P.

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Hi Troy,
It sounds like your cycle / split rate needs to be looked at. This controls when the AC or Heat starts & stops. If your set thermostat temperature is 75º for the AC and the split rate is set at 4, then the AC will start when the room temperature is 2º above set temperature and shut off when the room temperature hits 2º below set temperature.
For heat, if the Thermostat is set at 75º and split rate is 4 the heat will come on at 2º below set temperature and shut off at 2º above set temperature.
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