Re: the VIP thermostat

James Bentley

Hello Ann,

I tried all of the suggestions mentioned on this list. So did two different
maintenance men.

The manufacturer also couldn't figure out why my VIP 3000 wasn't responding
to commands. I talked with another individual who has installed these units
for years. He suspected my thermostat was defective. 4 different people
tried everything from new batteries to multiple resets . No joy.

Believe it or not, Sometimes, a defective product does get pass quality
control. Or, maybe damaged during shipping?

You take care,

James B
P.S. I want to express my appreciation to all here who contributed their
time and effort to assist those of us who were having problems with the VIP

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Hi James,

I hear you. Seems a good solution, though judging from the discussion
here, you needn't have sent it back.

Ann P.

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