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Pablo Morales


It worked much better that what I was expecting. The program is very accessible and easy to use. Well, I think that it is easy because it is accessible.
Thank you very much for your recommendation.
It works great

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Hi. The same company that distributes CCleaner has a recovery tool called Recuva. It is quite accessible and I believe they do have a trial version. However, it must be noted that file recovery doesn't work as straightforward as might be expected because a lot of what is recovered depends on how clean or corrupt your disk's sectors are. Also, If you have overridden a file and wish to recover it, great chance is you might not be able to. Still, the success rate of file recovery can be quite high, with Recuva, depending on the state of your disk. Cheers!

On 1/30/2020 10:04 PM, Pablo Morales wrote:
Hello all,

I am trying to recovered some data that I had on a SSD drive. SSD
drive that I formatted by mistake. I have tried some software that
looks very reliable to recover data after these kind of accidents.
Nevertheless, I have found that these programs are no accessible at all.
Does anyone any accessible software that I could use to recover this
kind of data from a hard drive/SSD drive that was formatted?
Thanks for all,

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