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Years ago, I spoke with Bob Crane one day. He is the owner of the company. Apparently he just happened to be answering the phones that day. Anyhow, I purchased their a.m. radio antenna from the company at that time and I loved it. Mr. Crane was a very nice and helpful man. I told him that I was blind and he and I had a short but very pleasant conversation. It’s a good company.


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I did not know that they had tech support but I will give them a call using the number that you gave me.  I contacted them by email before.  Thanks for your response.


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Hi Fred,


When you say you get no response from the CCrane company, have you tried calling their tech support?  1-800-522-8863

Please let us know what you find out, I've had the same thing happen to just a couple of the memory buttons.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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I have two of the CC Crane broadcast radios and the memory buttons have
stopped working in both radios and I would like to know if anyone on the
list knows if there is a reset button someplace on the radios.  I know that
some radios have a small hole in the cabinet and using a small screwdriver a
button can be pressed for reset.  If anyone has any info on this I would
appreciate it very much.  When I have tried getting info from the Crane
Company, I get no response.  Thanks much,


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