Re: a gmail question

Troy Burnham

The only place it was in was the all mail box. I know because I have gmail plugged into thunderbird and all of the mailboxes besides the all mail box show in thunderbird, and I had to go to the site to find the message.


On 1/31/2020 9:14 PM, Gene wrote:
Does the all mail box show spam messages?  Maybe the message was in spam.  The next time you get the message, if it is in the wrong place, don't move it.  Tell us what folder it is in and you may get suggestions. 
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Hi all,

I have a newsletter that landed in my all mail box on gmail today
instead of in my inbox. I checked the box and then hit the button to
move it to the inbox and it's there now but how can I insure that it'll
go to my inbox from now on and I don't have to go looking for it? Btw
there are other messages in the all mail box that also ended up in the
inbox but not the newsletter.



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