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Monica Jones

I used to do it successfully from the computer before ITunes eleven, but I haven't bought any that way since. What I've bought has been through the phone and that's not much. Perhaps someone can answer it. I just haven't bothered to do it since it's so convenient to do it from the device. I think you said you have a pod; I mentioned the phone because that's what I have, but it's the same on either.

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How do I do it through itunes on my pc and not my ipad?



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Subject: [TechTalk] buying music from apple thru iTunes

Well, never have bought music before thru iTunes on the
computer or my phone. So the question is if I buy it on the
iPhone and transfer it to the computer I assume I can do
that since it is something I bought? The other question is
when I buy something on the phone like music I assume it
will go into the music player on my phone? I also assume my
music will be backed up to the cloud I assume ? I also
assume you only can play this on IOS or Mac or whatever that
has iTunes on it only? Another words you say could not put
it on some other MP3 player or computer ? I assume you could
burn a disk as well that would play in any CD player?

I am new at buying this music stuff I usually just stream my
music. Thanks for any input.


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