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Thanks to Andy's recommendation I have now been with them for two years. And if you take us up on our recommendation, just for referring you, we can give you $10 off your next bill and we will also get $10 off of our bill. If we provide you with a phone number that we can receive credits to you. Also, they also have service on the T-Mobile network as well. But they're playing is a little bit more.

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Hello Hank
Consumer cellular uses the at&t
Network and they do a very good job. I have been with them for over 5 years.
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Hello what network does consumer celuar use?

also can I gert a listing of providers that use the atnt network?

I was given a atnt phone and my friend has a unlocked iphone

the atnt phone is a samsung galaxy and am using it on cricket both phones were given to use the phone that I have I can use on any atnt network currently I am using it on cricket and my friend is also using her iphone on cricket.



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