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The only ones that use the other type of network or Verizon and Sprint. Every other company, uses GSM. So if you are taking a phone from the AT&T, and you want to go to cricket, you will be perfectly good to do so.

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others can discuss this further and correct any errors. There are two kinds of networks. You can use some phones on one network, some on others, and I think there may be phones you can switch so they work on either network.

As far as I know, as long as someone has a compatible phone, it isn't blocked by companies. Some phones are locked so they can only be used with this or that company. If you have an unlocked phone, as far as I know, you can use it on any compatible network.

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Good Morning, Gene,

Thank you for your input.

I realize that lots of phones can be used. I thought, however, that the carrier determines what phones will work.

I'd like a clarification on this.

Thanks very much.

Joe, W2PVY

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You may be asking about this plan. It is for a basic phone and is for text, talk, and lite browsing.

Track phone is a company. Your question doesn't apply. You can use all sorts of phones with Track Phone, but you purchahse a service plan from them.

If you just want to do talk and text with a prepaid plan, this plan is much more expensive than the one I use. My TMobile Plan charges me three dollars a month for half an hour of talk, thirty textx, or any combination that adds up to three dollars. After that, I am charged ten cents a minute for talk and ten cents per text. In other words, ten cents a minute.

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Subject: [TechTalk] looking for $8 per month track phone plan


The subject says it. I heard there is a plan costing about $8 per month or there abouts.

If there is one, what carrier does it use, so I can know what phone to purchase.

Thank you.

Joe Giovanelli, W2PVY

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