Re: Google Chrome and alt left arrow


It should work, and I don't recall a solution.  I presented a work around that I think works as well or better. 
To follow a link, use shift enter, not enter.  That will open the link in a new window.  Once you are finished and want to go back, close the window with alt f4.  You will be back in the other window, where you left off on the other page. 

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I could have sworn this might have been covered before but for the life of me I can't recall where or what the fix might be. I am finding that alt left arrow no longer works to take you back a page when browsing in Google Chrome.  Is there another means by which to accomplish this or is there a way to make this keystroke function again? Did it used to work in Chrome or did I just think it did.

Thanks in advance for rescuing me from my apparently feeble mind.


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