Re: PayPal Question

Shelly Kane

Hi Everyone:

Thank you all for explaining how PayPal works.  I think I'm going to go ahead and cancel my account.  The reason I was asking is because I was going to try becoming a free lance transcriptionist and now I just got confirmation that the websites that you work for are telling me that there software isn't compatible with screen readers and they aren't doing anything at this point to rectify it.  So I guess I will definitely be looking into something else.  Again, thank you so much.


On 2/2/2020 8:22 PM, George McCoy wrote:
I set up a second checking account that I use for Paypal and nothing else. I have had that account for fifteen years without any problems.


On 2/2/2020 1:52 PM, Holly wrote:

I have a Paypal account and have it tied to my bank account.  If you don't tie it to your bank, the only way you can use the money in your Paypal account is to use the money to buy things that use Paypal as a accepted payment method.

If you tie it to your bank account, you can transfer money back and forth between Paypal and your bank.

As for security concerns using your banking information, that is up to you. Millions of people use Paypal and tie it to their banks.

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