Re: Repetitive motion strain anyone?


This may solve your problem or most of it.
If you need to know how to switch to the laptop layout, ask.  I'll also tell you, before starting the main explanation, that when you have the laptop layout on, you still have access to all the desktop layout commands so you can use either commands you want.
I checked and if you use the laptop keyboard layout, the capslock key can be used as a JAWS key.  So capslock down arrow will read to end.  Caps lock up arrow will read the current line.  Caps lock left arrow reads the previous word, caps lock right arrow reads the next word. 
But you can do these things in the laptop layout without using the numpad.  
If you hold the JAWS key, in this case you would use numlock as the JAWS key, numpad I equals numpad 8, numlock u, numpad 7, numlock o, nnumpad 9.
The three keys below duplicate the numpad 4, 5 and6, that is, j, k, l, and the three keys below those, numpad 1, 2, and 3.
So read current line is numlock I.  Read next line is numpad o, etc. 
Knowing what I've described may solve or considerably eliminate the problem you are having. 
I hadn't paid much attention to the laptop layout, but I knew a bit about it from messages from lists and I experimented with my JAWS demo.
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Hi Gene, For me, I think the commands that most affect my right wrist are: Say All, Insert+DownArrow, Current line, Insert+UpArrow and Next Word Insert+RightArrow.


I don’t know why these are the most troublesome for me, perhaps it is just their frequent use or maybe there’s something in my hand or wrist bones that just becomes irritated by these motions.


Sincerely, Vicky


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I should add that, while I specifically addressed NVDA in my message, with some modifications, my comments could apply to JAWS and they might to other screen-readers. I specifically discussed NVDA because I didn't pay attention to the to line and I thought it was addressed to the NVDA list, which it isn't.  But having said that, there is a laptop layout for JAWS and there may be ways to do whatever is causing irritation, or a lot of it that won't or won't nearly as much if you want to stay in the desktop layout.  If you tell us which commands you believe are causing a good deal of the problems, we might be able to address those. 



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Subject: [TechTalk] Repetitive motion strain anyone?


Hi List, Have any of you been finding that your right hand and a bit up into your right wrist gets sore during the day from all the Num Pad use for your screen reader?


I do and it has me concerned about developing carpal tunnel. 


I’ve thought about getting a left-handed mouse, but have no idea how you can get my Windows 10 computer to accept it along with the regular desk top keyboard with its Num Pad.


Have any of you experienced this and how have you solved it?


I would really appreciate any suggestions!


Sincerely, Vicky V


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