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Mike, I’ve heard from others that Epson is a fantastic scanner. I’ve also heard Cannon is good, but I’ve heard more about Epson.

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Hi Taylor,
I'm currently using the, Epson Perfection V39 scanner, on this computer, & it's USB powered.  I still have & use the CanoScan LIDE scanners on a couple of other computers but, I prefer the Epson over the CanoScan.  I believe I paid around $100.00 for the Epson at Staples but, I believe they can be gotten at a better price through Amazon.  The Epson gives a more accurate & quicker scan than the CanoScan scanners from my experience.
Take care.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Need scanner recommendations

So this week my Epson DS 40 scanner decided to fail me. I am looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy to use scanner so that I can scan my schoolwork while I'm at school so that I can do it. Does anybody know of a good scanner that is accessible? I would like this to be a portable scanner that you can connect to your computer via USB.


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