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Monica Jones

Thanks, Ann, I haven't heard of the Plustech brand before, but I figure if it's recommend by you, it's got to be good. I will check them out with the Epson.

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Hi Aman et al,

If you're interested in scanning books, you don't want one of those
cheap scanners. They're too thin to make scanning a book at all
comfortable. If you want to scan books, you want to pay the extra
money for the Plustek. It has a thick body, and the glass goes all the
way to the edge of the scanner so you can put books on it and be sure
of scanning all the way to the binding of the book. The thinner
scanners don't do that, and you can miss words or even phrases that are
close to the binding of a book. No, if you want to scan books, my
money is on the Plustek. BTW, all the best scanners for Bookshare use
the Plustek.

I think the model number is up to 3900, but I can tell you that my
3800 is super! Only thing I don't like about it is that it takes a
while to warm up. You have to wait two to three minutes for the first
scan to run. After that, it runs just fine. No, I haven't timed it.
Works well with both Kurzie and DocuScan Plus.

Ann P.

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