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Shelly Kane

Thank you for sharing this.  I was actually trying the general transcriptionist free lance jobs on the different websites but will no longer be doing that.  I have changed my mind on all of this and moving on.  Thank you again for your help.


On 2/4/2020 4:17 AM, Brian K. Lingard wrote:
Dear Shelly & List:::::::::::::

Are you considering work as a medical transcriptionist? Many if the Medical
Transcribing firms may be using a transcribing program from Nuance, the
makers of Dragon Dictate. Friend of mine worked for think it was Spherus,
somewhere in the USA, they switched to a program from Nuance, it's kind of
worked with JAWS but not very well. Try the Nuance web site and see if you
may download a try-out version of their editor and voice recognition editing

Many hospitals now have the doctor dictate the letter or other document, let
Dragon translate it into text, then all the MT is supposed to do is review
the translated dictation, fixing up any errors.

My friend said some dictation files translated so poorly it was faster for
her to erase the complete translated text and retype the document from the
dictation voice file.

The Doctors can train Dragon to their voice , however, seems some
Doctors do not do this or because they have a foreign accent, say from India
or Pakistan, they cannot train the Dragon to their voice.

She said some Doctors mumble when Dictating, others chew gum, and some do
both at once!

She said this made understanding the Doctor's dictation challenging.

You will find the typing firms pay 7.5 cents per 65-character line.

Many hospitals want the lines as full as possible, thus you list medicines
one after another on one line, not on separate lines.

She said this requirement kills your daily line count.

Their program counts carriage returns, each one is 7.5 cents.

A couple of firms she worked for only granted USS Thanksgiving and Christmas
Day as paid holidays.

Some supervisors will phone you if you stop typing for more than 1-minute to
ask why no typing.

My friend found the firms guarantee hospitals 24-hour delivery of finished
dictation, to achieve this, they worked the transcriptionists to death with
mandatory overtime and work on weekends. If they do not deliver the finished
dictation within 24-hours, the firm pays the hospital a non-performance fee
of $25 per delayed document.

She said most firms operate as an electronic sweatshop. all MT firms have
great comprehensive, dental, health, hearing, visual and pharma care at good
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf of George
Sent: Monday, February 3, 2020 1:48 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] PayPal Question

I'm sorry to hear that transcription work didn't work out for you, Shelly.
Perhaps there's a transcription service out there with screen reader
friendly software.

In any case, I hope you find something soon.


On 2/3/2020 2:44 AM, Shelly Kane wrote:
Hi Everyone:

Thank you all for explaining how PayPal works.  I think I'm going to
go ahead and cancel my account.  The reason I was asking is because I
was going to try becoming a free-lance transcriptionist and now I just
got confirmation that the websites that you work for are telling me
that their software isn't compatible with screen readers and they
aren't doing anything at this point to rectify it.  So, I guess I will
definitely be looking into something else.  Again, thank you so much.


On 2/2/2020 8:22 PM, George McCoy wrote:
I set up a second checking account that I use for PayPal and nothing
else. I have had that account for fifteen years without any problems.


On 2/2/2020 1:52 PM, Holly wrote:

I have a PayPal account and have it tied to my bank account. If you
don't tie it to your bank, the only way you can use the money in
your PayPal account is to use the money to buy things that use
PayPal as an accepted payment method.

If you tie it to your bank account, you can transfer money back and
forth between PayPal and your bank.

As for security concerns using your banking information, that is up
to you. Millions of people use PayPal and tie it to their banks.

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