Re: baseball's game day audio

Troy Burnham

Hi George,

I purchased game day audio originally through the computer though, can I still update the info through the at bat app and if so how? I went into the FAQ under game day audio and all I've found so far is where it talks about is if the purchase was through the app.


On 2/5/2020 9:03 AM, george b wrote:
You can do it on the at bat app for your device

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Hi all,

I need to update my credit card information so I can be charged next month for my game day audio subscription, can somebody give me a link where I can do this? I have a phone number for but when I called a few minutes ago I was told that I have to make the changes online myself for privacy purposes. I went to however and didn't find a place to log in so I can do what I need to do.



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