Re: having a weird issue

Michael Mote

Hi all. This is a Microsoft issue, and is related to the Bing search
engine. I have heard that they are working on a resolution to this
issue, and it may be sent out as a patch update. Stay tuned, and sorry
for the inconvenience. It's driving me crazy. I never realized how
much I rely on it.

On 2/5/20, Mary Smith <> wrote:
I'm having the same issue.

On 2020-02-05 2:23 p.m., Melissa wrote:
I need help with the same problem.

On 2/5/20, aisha <> wrote:
for some reason I'm unable to access my start menu

I have to go the long way round to open what ever I want to open (this
is just today, and I have tried restarting too)

pretty sure this has happened to me before, and when it did i'm sure I
pressed a key/ key stroke to fix the whole thing.

but I don't remember what it is

thanks for any assistance


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