Re: Drop box.

Penny Golden

I believe it is on th solid state drive; I think so; that drive has 500 gigs and I only have 4 gigs of  drop box space, thereabouts.

I need all the help I can get as to setting things up again so I can try to work with them seamlessly, as I did when I had just one internal 1tb drive.

Sometimes the simplest things best this old lady schoolmarm from Eastern nebraska.

Hey, but I grew up in Chicago, so I am not totally an old farm girl.  Thank you all so much.

I did remove a box or two from the drop box. and they disappeared from the listing on both drives.  They were people I wanted to delete.  One, alas, had died.

In any event, what brought this up is that the other day, a friend sent me a letter in drop box.  it was in the drop box on the SSD but it did not show up in the one on the 4TB drive.

Remember, I do push buttons, yes; but i'm something of a menace on a keyboard.


On 2/5/2020 4:31 PM, George McCoy wrote:
Leave the dropbox program on the solid state drive but point it to the 4tb drive for storage.  Let us know if you need instructions on how to do it.


On 2/5/2020 6:13 AM, Penny Golden wrote:
    I have been updating my 2011 computer; i now have a 500GB SSD, solid state drive; and a 4 TB drive inside the computer.

My drop box landed on the SSD.  that is fine.  But I tried to put it onto the 4TB drive.

So I have an instance of it on the solid state drive, and also on the 4tb drive.

The 4tb drive doesn't seem to be working; that is, the drop box program does not seem to be doing anything on the 4tb drive.

May i safely get rid of that, and just continue to use the one on the solid state drive?

Remember, I'm not a whizz, i'm just an old computer user.



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