mesh systems

David Mehler


I'm going to be getting a mesh system for my home and want to hear
from those who have them. I'm thinking either the TP-Link Deco M9 or
the Netgear Orbi Tri-Band, but I'm wanting to hear others
recommendations and experiences.

I'm am also interested in any of these systems phone apps and how
accessible they are if I would need to do setup on them either locally
or when I'm out needing to change something. For reference to this
question i'm using a windows10 laptop, a win10 surface pro tablet, and
an android I think it's 8 phone and an android 9 tablet, so that's
what any apps would have to run on.

If any of these (or other) mesh systems have native support for an
OpenVPN server so that I can vpn in from remote locations that is a
major plus.


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