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David Mehler


My thanks for all the feedback. I think my original question is
narrowed down to either Asus or Netgear as I'm either going for an
Asus ZenWiFi or a Netgear Orbi. Any experiences with either of these
systems specifically appreciated.

On 2/6/20, Cristóbal <cristobalmuli@...> wrote:
Before the Eero, we had a tri-band AC router with an extender, but honestly,
there’s no comparison. mesh is much more solid and reliable. No dead spots
or weak signals anywhere. I get 200 MB anywhere in the house or garage.
Maybe if you’re in an apartment or a small house, mesh might be overkill,
but if you plan on having a lot of connected smart devices like doorbells or
HomeKit etc., it’s really worth getting a mesh wireless system.

On Feb 6, 2020, at 5:37 AM, chris judge <chrisjudge1967@...> wrote:

I haven't gone there yet, but I keep threatening to buy the Orby.
Currently I use a range extender to get wifi in the man cave. Most of the
time it works fine, sometimes there are issues. I hear the Orbi is good
but haven't use it yet.
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I'm going to be getting a mesh system for my home and want to hear from
those who have them. I'm thinking either the TP-Link Deco M9 or the
Netgear Orbi Tri-Band, but I'm wanting to hear others recommendations and

I'm am also interested in any of these systems phone apps and how
accessible they are if I would need to do setup on them either locally or
when I'm out needing to change something. For reference to this question
i'm using a windows10 laptop, a win10 surface pro tablet, and an android I
think it's 8 phone and an android 9 tablet, so that's what any apps would
have to run on.

If any of these (or other) mesh systems have native support for an OpenVPN
server so that I can vpn in from remote locations that is a major plus.


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