Re: bookshare question.

john s

Pen, I just looked at one and saw an .xml file. If you rename that to an .html file, I think you can read that one.

At 12:21 PM 2/8/2020, Penny Golden, wrote:
   Say, I used to get all my books from bookshare in BRF format. Now, it is so much easier to download them using the victor stream.

But I really prefer to have them under my hands at times. Is there a file in those bookshare daisy books that is the plain text of the book? I don't need daisy. I seem to remember that you can go into the daisy folder, find the file and extracting it, put it on your braille device, if you so desire.

But I forget the file I'm supposed to look for. Thanks to anyone who can set me straighter.



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