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I just tried opening the ribbons and making shure I was on the home ribbon with alt h.  This is using Word Starter 10.  If I left arrow once, I get to a menu button.  If I down arrow, I'm not in that menu.  I'm in something that looks like that menu, without as many items, but it isn't the actual menu.  But if I use alt h, then left arrow once and press space bar on the menu button, I am in the actual menu. 
I'm not sure just how the Word interface works, you can be in the menu and tab, and no longer be in the menu.  Maybe you are in backstage view, I'm not sure.  But the program does follow the rule that if you use alt f, you will be in the menu provided in ribbon programs and that if you press the menu button, as described above, you will be in the menu.  You never tab to move through a menu.  If you want to use whatever Word makes available if you tab, then of course, you may, but you won't be in the menu.
I don't know how many people are confused by the Word interface in this respect.  In general, if you tab in a menu, nothing will happen.  In more recent versions of Word, if you tab, you will be taken out of the menu.  I didn't know this until today since I don't tab in menus.  But now I'll be on the lookout for this as a possible source of confusion when someone presents a problem where it may apply.
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Thank you for this advice. Only thing I know, with Outlook 2013, if I
tab through the file menu, no options found, but if I arrow up or
down, there is the Options and exit, 2 things that did not show up
when tabbing. Thanks so much for your help.


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