Question Pertaining to an Email Address and managing mail with rules

Robin Frost


I'm in the process of transitioning from a gmail address to an address.

As such I have two hopefully quick questions.

I'm new to so just assume ignorance and I won't be offended. So if for instance I take the step of moving all my blindness related email lists to this address and make rules to filter them all into one folder for such messages if I create this rule either in Outlook the application/program or thunderbird does the rule only take effect locally I.E. on the machine on which it was created or server side so that any device accessing the contents of this email would abide by it? Does that make sense? Similarly is it more advisable to make a rule for each individual email list or can they all be grouped under one rule?

I read a book on outlook the app/program before asking this question and was thus far unable to obtain the answer thus I ask to learn.

Thanks in advance.


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