Dot1 cell 13 on my braille me from ?

Josh Kennedy

I wonder if this is just the nature of how magnetic braille displays work? But sometimes, not all the time, dot1 of cell 13 on my braille me will not pop up, tapping it very slightly or panning back and forth makes it come up. Also the braille test function shows all dots going up and down reliably but sometimes lightly brushing the display makes some dots go down which have not gone all the way down yet. Generally reading is fine and the cell13 dot1 issue only occurs every now and then, and sometimes its dot1 or dot2 of cell 7 or 8 but again a light tap or light shake fixes it. And it generally does not interfere with me reading books at all. Does this happen with the dot watch since it uses magnetic braille cells as well? I wonder if this is just the nature of magnetic braille cells? Other than that the braille on this device is excellent oh and also a bug in the firmware where my iPod doesn't automatically connect again to the braille me if I close the connection and re-open it. I have to re-pair the braille me.


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