Braille me dots fixed by experimenting

Josh Kennedy

I found how to make this less of an issue. If I read with 3 fingers rather than one, such as with my pointer finger or index finger on my right hand, and using my middle finger and ring finger to read ahead it seems like the dot sometimes not coming up is much less of an issue because my other two fingers maybe add more pressure or shift the display ever so slightly so the issue hardly ever occurs at all. Or if I slant the display slightly as if reading from a podium or lecturn, the issue of some dots not coming up happens almost not at all then. I think its just figuring out how best to read with this display to keep the issue from occuring. And again I think the display is fine its just how it is, as in that's probably just how magnetic displays work. But again using 3 fingers to read using my index finger to do most of the reading and scanning ahead with the other two fingers makes sure for some reason the dots that need to be up are really popped up.


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