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I am all about where ever I can get the best deal most of the time.
Amazon and Ebay both get my business.

On 2/11/20, Damien Garwood <@daygar> wrote:
There are three possibilities here:
1. ATGuys helped to produce it and that's why they are also able to sell
it at the same price. I find this unlikely, as they also have a
distributor here in the UK (just so you have all the information,
Computer Room Services also sell it).
2. ATGuys are a charity and are able to stay afloat through government
funding, grants, and/or donations. After a cursory look at the ATGuys
website, I can't see any links for donating, nor a registered charity
number. I could be wrong - they just may not have published that
3. Distributors purchase reseller's licences in bulk, and thus at a
lower cost, in order to sell to customers at the same price. Either way,
they are still making a profit, without having done any of the
production work.
I've never liked the distributed sale side of things, especially for
digital products where it's easy to self-distribute (indeed, CF are
already doing it!), because in the end, either the producer or the
consumer end up losing out.
There could be something that I'm missing that would be totally obvious
to experienced entrepreneurs, but from the little experience I know
about running a business, the idea is to make a profit in what you sell.
That's why I very rarely use Amazon, EBay, and your high street shops.
The obvious exceptions, of course, are supermarkets, and a situation
whereby the manufactuare is unwilling to sell directly, in which case
you have no choice.
In any case, it's up to you where you choose to get it, I'm just stating
the general way of things when you buy from a distribution agency so you
can make an informed decision based on those factors.

On 11/02/2020 02:29 pm, Lenron wrote:
It's the same price. I would rather support atguys but that's just me.
As far as I know they both sell for 69 bucks.

On 2/11/20, Damien Garwood <@daygar> wrote:
All ATGuys do is sell the CodeFactory version, likely at a profit, so
better to buy it direct from CF in my opinion.

On 11/02/2020 11:48 am, Josh Kennedy wrote:
You can also buy all eloquence synthesizers from
<> and they sell vocalizer as well.

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